Swan Electric emphasizes safety throughout its
organization as is evidenced by our consistently low EMR
(2017-2018 EMR is .63). We conduct our operation in a
manner that avoids injury to people and damage to both
property and the environment . Every effort is made to
prevent accidents, illness and injury by identifying potential
risks and implementing effective solutions before an
incident occurs. It is of utmost importance to Swan Electric  
that our employees utilize safe work practices both on the
job and at home. While Swan Electric has an implemented
Health, Safety and Environmental Program, we focus on
working with the Construction Manager and Owner to
maintain the highest safety standards possible on each
jobsite. Some of the methods utilized by Swan Electric to
promote safety are:

  •     Employee Orientation
  •    Fitness for Duty Program
  •    Pre-Job Safety Review
  •    Daily Job Hazard Awareness, Daily Morning Huddles
  •    Task Specific Hazard Analysis
  •    Near Miss Reporting
  •    Safety Inspections (Pre-Job, Scheduled & Random)
  •    Toolbox Talks/Meetings
  •    Safety Incentive Programs
  •    Safety Recognition Lunches by Management for
          Field Employees
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