Owner: Jackson National Life
Location: Lansing, Michigan
Size: 32,000 SF
Design Entity: Kahn
Jackson National Life North Lansing Data Center
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Swan Electric installed the electrical systems
for a new 32,000 SF data center in an
existing building. The electrical is backed by
two 2,000 KW generators. Swan Electric
installed the lightning and grounding
protection. This building is served by one
main substation and two main switchboards.
All equipment is provided power through a
1,000 kVA UPS system.
6133 AURELIUS ROAD, PO BOX 27428  LANSING, MI  48909    PHONE: (517) 882-3904

101 MCVANNEL ROAD, PO BOX 1080  GAYLORD, MI  49734    PHONE: (989) 732-1722